So What’s Growing On at Greenstreet?

Published August 30, 2021

The wholesale crew has been a little busy the last 2 weeks. 230,000 pansy/viola plugs have been planted into 4in pots, 172,900 planted into 6in pots, 2600 planted into hanging baskets, 9045 planted into 4.5in pots, and 7750 into 804 cell packs. Another 7560 plugs of ornamental kale and cabbage have been planted into 9in pots.

More than 100 carts were configured to hold 40 trays of pansies each. The carts get loaded with newly planted pots at the planting line, moved to the field or one of the greenhouses, and then unloaded. So far over 30,000 trays have been moved from the planting line and set down, which takes more than 750 carts to move those trays. When the plants grow a bit, all the carts will have to be reconfigured again with fewer shelves and more space in between.

While all this planting has been going on, the 8in and 10in poinsettias all got trimmed by hand. Every single plant was pinched back to promote additional branching. Since there are 3 plants in every 8in pot and 4 plants in every 10in pots, more than 10,000 plants were trimmed.

We also had 4000 unrooted cuttings arrive this past week that were stuck into plug trays. These will be part of our production for spring lantana.

It has been a busy 2 weeks, but we have another 2 (or more…) very busy planting weeks yet to go.