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What’s Growing On?
August 30, 2022

So What’s Growing On at Greenstreet?

Published August 30, 2022

Summer is officially coming to a close and we’re full speed ahead with fall and winter plantings! Just a quick overview of what we’ve been planting so far of the past few weeks:

  • We have planted 4 crops of sunflowers – some are 10-inch pots and some 7-inch. The first ones are showing are blooming and have been sent to our retail stores for customers.
  • We planted 1 crop of ornamental peppers this year. Many are showing fruit but will have more color in a few weeks. Those will start arriving at sores soon.
  • We planted 2 crops of Celosia (Intemz & Twisted). The first crop will hopefully be heading to our stores in a couple of weeks.
  • We planted some ornamental Millet and this year we will plant some Mustard greens for fall décor. These will all start to arrive in stores in a few weeks.
  • Over 8,000 ornamental Kale/Cabbage have been planted in 9-inch pots.
  • At least 500 10-inch hanging baskets have been planted with Cool Wave pansies.
  • All 25,000+ 9-inch mums have been set in their growing area and are filling out nicely.
  • The poinsettias have all been planted into their grow pots.

But the big fun is just getting started. Over the next four weeks, more than 1.1 million pansy/viola plugs will ship in for us to plant into 4-inch and 6-inch pots. We will ease into the chaos with just 132,720 plants arriving for planting into 4-inch pots and 804s first, and many more to follow.

Last Tuesday morning, the big “pansy field” next to our greenhouse was empty. But by the end of the day Friday it was packed with over 8,000 trays of pansy and viola pots. Almost 190,000 plants were planted into 6-inch pots, set on carts, moved to the field, and set down one at a time. This morning the crew will start on the 99,000 plants scheduled to plant into the 4-inch pots.

During this time, our team has pinched back every single poinsettia plant in the 10-inch and 8-inch pots. The 10-inch pots have 4 plants each and the 8-inch pots have 3 plants each.  With 2,000 10-inch pots and 2,200 8-inch pots, that means they pinched 14,600 plants. And then they proceeded to start planting some fall combo plants to ship to stores in time for the Labor Day Weekend.

Our first crop of Sunflowers made it to the stores for this weekend. We expect to have a new crop each of the next 3 weeks. A few mums are starting to crack open, but most won’t be ready for a few weeks. We will get a few early ones out as soon as they are ready.

2022 Greenstreet Growers Wholesale Production Mums
2022 Greenstreet Growers Wholesale Production Poinsettias
2022 Greenstreet Growers Wholesale Production Mum Field
2022 Greenstreet Growers Wholesale Production Fall
2022 Greenstreet Growers Wholesale Production Fall
2022 Greenstreet Growers Wholesale Production Fall Ornamental Peppers
2022 Greenstreet Growers Wholesale Production Fall Ornamental Peppers